Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 27 Monday

Gotta make it quick this week. I've got a little one sick w/ a tummy bug.

I am still struggling to get a routine w/ the daycare kids. They are 2 2yos and one has a broken arm, so we can't do much recreation out side right now. I think I am going to just start paying for them to all go to the daycare room at my gym, that just gets expensive w/ 3 going at one time. But I need to get back to moving.

Eating has been a bit of a struggle and it is my fault for not planning. We have just been so busy in the evenings. So I need to really consider that when planning meals and I need to make my crockpot do the work. It hasnt' been terrible but I definitely can see where it could be better.

I am so excited for Pete Cohen to be joining us again tonight. He has so many good things to say that I can never get enough of him. I am definitely in need of some new inspiration and motivation so I hope this weeks M TV is just the kick in the pants I need.

Good luck to all the m applicants this round. I would love to apply again, but I can already see that I won't beable to give my full focus on the campaign. I am excited to support you all through this campaign. Good luck everyone!!

Congrats to our Sista of the week Joanna of @way2gomom!! She has jumped right into her roll in the sistahood clearing up food myths and setting us straight about food. I enjoy having twitter convo's with her and she always has something encouraging to say.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I hope next week I can report back w/ more time and w/ a renewed commitment to getting fit. (Now if I could only find about 4 more hours in each day. lol)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where's the wagon? Monday Sept 20

I feel like I can't keep up with the wagon these days. I won't say I fell off but maybe it is dragging me behind it. I am trying to keep up but life has been busy and overwhelming. Doing home daycare is NOT conducive to a workout schedule. or at least it isn't for me. By the time the girls go home and my girls get home from school it is homework, dinner, baths and bedtime. And when that is over I am wiped out. I can't seem to find time in the day to get a workout in. I have a treadmill in the garage but w/ these littler kids in the house I can't get out there to use it. Without my gym time I have been less motivated to make healthier meals. I just feel like I am getting swallowed up in the day to day stuff around here.

I am excited though that my sister joined the gym I am a member of. She really needs it, she is very over weight and has trouble w/ swelling in her feet because of her extra weight. I can't wait to help her get to the gym and start shedding some of the weight that is making her miserable. I am working on her about her food choices too, slowly we will get her off soda and junk food and get her incorporating more fresh healthy choices.

She even said the other day that she thought about going to Subway for breakfast after her workout. Which is great since it is right next to the gym and they offer so many great (and healthy choices.) I am so excited that Subway is sponsoring this week's blogging carnival. AND they are taking , @ljenator and @Rachel_L to New York to help Jared train for a Marathon. Subway has supported m in different ways and I am so happy these ladies are getting this opprotunity. Follow the hashtags #commit2fit on twitter to hear all about what is going on. They will go to Central park to run on Tuesday.

Congrats to @PamelaMKramer for being sista of the week. I have been a terrible sista this week and barely been on twitter. But Pamela is always willing to support the sistas with encouragement. You rock!!

My goals this week is find ways to get in bits of exercise through the day. I know my body needs this and it helps my stress levels.

Get back to planning meals so I can make healthier choices. I have been doing last minute cooking which leads to less desireable food choices. When I plan my menu I do so much better because I don't have to think about what to make each day.

keep drinking plenty of water, I have been doing pretty good but can always do better.

I hope this week will be better than last, and I hope you have a great week too!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well just when I feel like I am getting a handle on incorporating a healthy lifestyle into my life things get bumpy. Last week I was stressed w/ divorce stuff that actually went much better than I figured it would. Thank you everyone who prayed for me and keep me in your thoughts. It really means a lot to me. Just as I am getting back into a good workout schedule I get a call to start babysitting everyday full days. So there goes my workout plan (3 under 4 and no jogger). But I will figure it out, looks like I will be back to working out in the evening, not my favorite but gotta do what I gotta do.

Last week, blah, I don't even want to talk about food last week. Well ok, I will. My problem isn't what I eat it is how much. I was stressed and coming down from being stressed and I ATE LIKE CRAZY. There were times when I knew I wasn't hungry I just felt like eating, but by the end of the week I was getting things back in control.

I finally stepped back on the scale (I had to hide them for a good week) and I am surprised to see I am down a pound since I last weighed in a few weeks ago. So I am now at 154 which is a total of 17 pounds lost since joining ma.

My goals this week are:

1. get my workout schedule fixed.
2. Be better in tune w/ my hunger and find better things to do when I want to eat but I am not hungry.
3. keep drinking plenty of water (esp now that my allergies are acting up)

Thanks to Chef's Requested for once again sponsoring M and this weeks blogging carnival. You rock and your steaks are AWESOME. Finally found some at my local walmart, I got bacon wrapped filets (and removed the bacon.)

Congrats to Stephanie @fitmomtraining for being our Sista of the week. I have had some great tweets w/ her this week about working out at home w/o equipment and I am stoked to join the MamaGuns challenge. (I will ETA pics soon) These guns will be shining pretty soon! You are a great addition to the M Leadership and a great choice for SOTW!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How God is working and healing in my life

Recently a friend put me in touch with another one of her friends. M has recently separated from her husband and her situations is kind of similar to mine. Our mutual friend thought it would be good for both of us to have someone to talk to about what is going on in our lives and how losing our marriages is affecting us. I didn't feel I had much to offer in the "mentorship" arena but figured it would be nice to talk to a fellow Christian about how this sad time in our life is changing us.

But God had a plan. He has used my time talking w/ M to help heal me and help guide her (I hope at least). For me the pain started over a year ago, but for M it has only been a few months. I am at a different stage in the process but our situations are so similar that I can't help but feel her pain and know where she is. I have been able to share how I got through and how I can now feel (dare I say it) happy with where my life is today. Did I want to get divorced and be a single mom? NO WAY, but it is where I am and I can choose to be sad about it or I can choose to make the best of it. And THAT is what I choose!

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent her today. I am not sure it "flows" with what I wrote above but I guess I just want to save it because I truly feel it was God inspired.

I know that he and I will never be back together. And I am ok with that. I am sad that our marriage is over because I never expected to be divorced but I can honestly say I don't think I could ever trust him enough to get back together with him. I was really nervous about going to the lawyer and signing documents but I was not sad at all. I tend to cry at the drop of a hat and I haven't cried at all. It almost seems weird to me, but I think I am past that stage of mourning my relationship with him. I am just ready to move past it all. I know you aren't there yet so it probably seems impossible to feel that way. I know I didn't ever expect to feel this way. I think I also feel this way because I know that God has a plan for me through all of this, he is going to turn this bad into something good for Him. Tuesday morning (before we signed papers) I was so nervous, but when I got home I found this verse (I don't even remember where now, maybe that website I sent you).
John 14:1 (NIV)
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

That verse was just what I needed Tuesday. And today, I am still so in awe of how God reassures me. My friend posted on her facebook page:
What is forgiveness? It's the ability to know down in your soul that you can now handle the pain that was caused you. It heals your heart, not theirs.

again, just what i needed today. I think I am moving into forgiveness and that is why I am not hurting from all the divorce stuff anymore. It is a process, it doesn't just happen. I am just at a point in the process where I can start forgiving and not hurting. You will get to that point too, down the road, and you will hurt less. I pray that for you.

And I figured I would share a little more about me and what my life is like in hopes that maybe it lifts up someone else. I know there are others out there hurting from something someone else has done and maybe my words God's words will touch someone else.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Does you Mom style get a little wrinkled?

I don't know about you but mine does. Some days I am so busy getting 3 girls dressed and out the door (maybe even brushing their hair as we do) that I often just grab something to wear and go. Ironing is something I only do on Sunday for church and only if it really needs it (thank goodness for more wash and wear clothing).

Well if you are like me then listen up! Electrolux and Kelly Rippa have teamed up to take the wrinkles out of our life and better yet to help support Ovarian Cancer Research. Check out TODAY at 1pm EDT for the "Rumpled to Runway" fashion show. This fashion show will show how the Electrolux Perfect Steam can make any outfit Runway ready.

And their timing couldn't be better, September is Ovarian Cancer Research Awarness Month.

So every time you go to besure to "Perfect Steam" a item and you will be donating to Ovarian cancer research.
In addition, every day you press the Perfect Steam™ button online to take your garments from rumpled to runway-ready, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF2, plus you'll be entered for a chance to win a shopping spree between $50 and $250 and the grand prize: a luxury washer and dryer from Electrolux3.

Fun for a good cause who can beat that, and you have a chance to win a washer dryer set from Electrolux!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Walk and Tone Coupon code

Some of you may have noticed the button on the side of my blog. You know the one one with the lady running. Well that is there for a reason. It is there to make it easy for you to purchase the Fitness Cheerleaders Walk and Tone audio workout.

Watch this week for a review and giveaway on this blog. But if you just can't wait, buy it now and remember at checkout to use the coupon code "LAUNCH" This will get you the workout for $1.99 (normally $2.99). What an inexpensive way to add some oomph to your workout.

(As and affiliate I earn $1.00 for every purchase made from the link on my site)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day Monday!

Is it Monday already? No it isn't it Sunday but I am getting a head start on things this week. Why? Because I can for a change, the girls are gone this weekend so I am catching up on lots of things. Like balancing my checkbook and cleaning my room. You know that stuff you put off because it is no fun but needs to be done. Yeah thats me. :) But that also means I have have more time on the weekend to do things I do like to do, like posting my Mv post!

Last week (someone)scolded me for saying I needed a break from the scale. But I didn't clarify that very well. I just have been putting too much stress on the numbers and have started letting it control how I feel about my day. I don't want the number to define me or control me. I know there will be ups and downs so I am going to only weigh in every couple of weeks or so, unless I start seeing the numbers go up too much. I feel like I am starting to get a good handle on what it takes to get my numbers to go down so I am trying to get away from the scale. I have been bad about peeking through the week an letting it get me down when I don't see what I like. I hope that makes sense.

I have a feeling my numbers are going to be off for the next few weeks. Some of you have seen my tweets about going to see the lawyer and stuff, that is to finalize my divorce. So I am a bit stressed and nervous about this. On one hand I am glad to be getting it over with but at the same time I am sad to have to deal with it. Some of my local friends have been here to help cheer me up and keep me busy during this stressful time and I appreciate them immensely. I also appreciate all the love my m sista's have shown me the last few days as well. Your virtual hugs are felt.

I took my stress out at the gym the other day and man have I felt it ever since. I must not have stretched well before or after and my calves and ankles have been SOOO SORE. so take that as a warning. Don't workout when you are stressed unless you stretch REALLY well. LOL But I did some running on the treadmill and didn't feel any shin pain, that was a plus.

I want to thank @ChefsRequested for sponsoring this weeks blogging carnival. I keep hoping my Walmart will start carrying these steaks, so until they do I am sans Chef's Requested. BUT I do follow them on facebook and if you do too you know this weekend they are running a promo that if you post a pic of you and a Chef's requested steak you get some for free. Besure to post your pics!

Congrats to Greta for being Sista of the week. She is a great motivator and truly deserving of the title!

I hope you all have a really great week. And if you think about it say a little prayer for peace for me on Tuesday. We sign papers that day.