Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Didn't we just start 2008, why is it already 2 days before Thanksgiving? I knew this year was going to fly by when it was Christmas last year and I heard more about 2009 than I did 2008. Oh well, such is life.

I am sure raising 3 kids, homeschooling, errands, social life, and everything else has had nothing to do with how quickly the time has passed. I am just always amazed when I look up and it is Thanksgiving and Christmas time once again.

This week with Thanksgiving break we have been spending lots of time with our friends, getting the girls together w/ old playmates. It is nice to see familiar faces that we haven't seen in a while. In their "free time" the girls have been coloring lots of turkey hands and making thanksgiving cards. So cute, I didn't even have to prompt them this time, S. has been doing the count down to Thanksgiving every day too.

I was going to have them make a fall wreath w/ paper leaves on TP rolls but I am just getting enough rolls collected to make the wreath part so maybe we will work on a Christmas one instead. So many projects, so little time.

And then their is Christmas shopping, I don't even know what to get these girls anymore. There are too many choices, they want them all, but I know my kids, I know they won't play w/ half of it. I hate having a bunch of stuff sitting here that barely gets looked at. G. said she wants a new baby doll, and I will probably replace all the playdough she has let dry out this year. R. is the hard one, maybe some new art supplies for her and a leapster game for the system grandma is getting her (shh don't tell). S. is getting a DS from grandma so I got her some games to go with it already. I will probably get her some books too, she is my book worm and recently discovered the "Magic Tree House" series. I am keeping it small and simple this year, Grandma's always over spend on the kids, so I going to even it out by keeping things small. Plus we don't really have the extra $$ since we are traveling for the holiday too.

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