Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Healthier Biscuits and Gravy

Some of you may have seen my tweet about Hardee's sending me coupons for biscuits and gravy. I LOVE biscuits and gravy it is my most ultimate favorite breakfast food ever. SERIOUSLY love it and lived on it when I was a twig of a girl in high school. But these days gravy sticks to my rear and so do those big ole biscuits. So I did some digging and found several recipes for lower fat versions. Now mind you I don't think these versions are HEALTHY by any means just healthy-ER (I know that is supposed to be an ier work with me here). And this is NOT a recipe I recommend for daily meal planning, but on that special and RARE occasion that you really feel the desire for some good ole biscuits and gravy then these recipes just might do the trick. (I haven't tested them out yet but trust me I will soon). These were taken from here.

11/2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup white whole-wheat flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon chilled butter, cut into small pieces

3/4 cup low-fat buttermilk

Preheat oven to 450 F.

Lightly spoon the flours into dry measuring cups and level with a knife. Combine flours, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Cut in butter with a pastry blender until the mixture resembles coarse meal. Add buttermilk and stir just until dry ingredients are moist.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead four or five times. Roll dough to a ½ -inch thickness and use a 2 ½ -inch biscuit cutter to make each biscuit.

Bake biscuits on a baking sheet at 450 F for 10 to 12 minutes or until biscuits are golden.

Makes 12 biscuits.

SOURCE: Cooking Light

8 ounces light sausage

2 tablespoons light butter

1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon white whole-wheat flour

1/2 tablespoon cornstarch

2 cups fat-free milk(I may sub skim evaporated milk here)

Salt and pepper to taste

Brown and crumble the sausage in a skillet that doesn't have a nonstick surface. Remove the sausage crumbles to a paper towel-lined plate. Keeping the skillet hot, add the light butter to the skillet and use a spatula to scrape loose the tidbits of meat sticking to the skillet. Add the flours and cornstarch and whisk the mixture until it's well combined and smooth. Stirring constantly, add the milk. Simmer, whisking, for five minutes or until thickened. Fold in the sausage crumbles. Season with salt and pepper.

PER SERVING (2 biscuits with a half-cup of gravy): Calories 338

Fat 14.1 g Cholesterol 35 mg Sodium 670 mg Fiber 1.3 g

Carbohydrates 36 g Protein 14.6 g

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Well last week was a lot of hard work and in more ways than one. First I had my first week as a new member of my local gym. I had an assessment to see where I am fitness/health wise and that went pretty well. I am about where I expected to be, strong arms, weak core, and OK cardio. Everything can use improvement of course. ;) Then the next day a trainer set me up on a personal program to help me meet my goals, she gave me a series of workouts to do and told me to get in at least 30 min of cardio.

The kids also had their last day of summer school on Tues. which means for the rest of the summer I will have at least 5 kiddos here everyday. So we spent one morning at the park riding scooters and bikes (I walk/ran laps) and one afternoon playing in the sprinkler. And Friday we wrapped up the week with a trip to the NEW local water park (just my 3 not all 5, I am crazy not insane). It was a great week playing and enjoying the kids.

Keeping track of my nutrition was a little trickier than I had hoped, but I didn't give up. If I miss a day I just pick up the next day and keep going. Menu planning was helpful but I have a hard time sticking to it, my days change before I know it and that often means I either forget to pull stuff out of the freezer or I don't have enough time to fix what I planned. I try to just change days of the week when I can or eat leftovers from a previous night to help stay on track the best I can. I also decided not to meal plan on the weekends, they are always our busiest days and I always have some kind of leftover to use up so I try to do that on the weekend. I can still serve healthy meals that way (because hopefully I cooked healthy earlier in the week) but I don't have to worry about planning it so much.

I didn't do so well on the water front this week, seems like if I do good on one thing I slack somewhere else and that was water this week. On a good note, no headaches so I did ok, and I only had one can of soda for the whole week so I wasn't drinking lots of bad stuff, just not enough water. not too shabby.

Earlier this week on Twitter @bookieboo said " I want to see what u are doing to change ur lifestyle NOW in ur #Mamavation Monday posts." I think I covered that pretty well in last weeks post , and started living it this week. And I am proud to say that the changes I have made have resulted in a 1.5 lb loss this week. I have been holding steady but am not down to 165 even. I am proud that I was able to lose even after a weekend that included a lunch at a not so healthy Italian restaurant and a birthday party for my 3yo niece. That is enough motivation for me to keep sticking to it and getting better in the areas where improvements can be made (everywhere).
Watch Lives Change
In case you missed it, here is my application post to be the next Mamavation mom, please remember to tweet for me whenever you can.
"Hey @bookieboo! I want (@jamnsfld76) to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!" Thank you all for your support!

Catch you all tonight for our Mamavation TV night and tweet with you later this week. Make it a great week!! <3

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kick it into high gear- Mamavation Monday

Another week of no loss, and I am not gonna take it anymore. I refuse to have another week of getting by. So here is my plan.

1) I sucked it up and joined a gym. They were running a special w/ a really low enrollment fee so I did it. Now to pray I can afford to pay it for a year, we will get to that bridge when we get there.

2)I made a meal plan. I have everything I need to carry it out.

3) I am going to keep a journal of everything that goes in my mouth.

4) I am going to drown myself with water. I am going to set a timer to drink water every hour and plan to drink at least 8 oz at a time when I do.

I thought I had a good week, but when once again the scale wasn't my friend I knew it was time for a new attack mode. I had already planned a menu for the week but I knew I needed to journal to keep myself honest. And well I battle water so much and find if I am not a home I don't follow through so I will give myself a gentle reminder w/ a timer on my cell. I went in Friday and signed up for the gym membership because I know that if I am spending my money for it I am going to use it, and it will be easier to make my gym appointments because I have to leave the house to go do it, and I will have to make plans for the kids to go some where so I will need to schedule it like an appointment. Plus they do offer childcare if I need it, at 2 bucks per child (I have 3) I hope not to need to use that too often but it is there if I do.

I am also excited that I registered for my first 5K. It is on July 4th, which is a Sunday so that means I need to finish before church because I am scheduled in the nursery that day. That should give me some extra motivation. I don't plan to run much of it but I felt like I needed to push myself to do something new, so even if I walk all of it, I will complete it and I will be proud that I did.

So why all this effort. Well I am planning to apply to be one of the next Mamavation Moms but I figure if I am not picked I need to have a plan and why wait until then, I may as well get my plan in action now. I will be posting (hopefully later today or tomorrow) my application, so be on the lookout. I will need all your support.

I am truly excited for tonight's mamavation tv. Shay from the Biggest Loser will be with us to share tips and advice. I have become a big fan of hers so I can't wait to "meet" her on Mamavation. This week our blogging carnival is sponsored by Subway which is pretty fitting since Subway has continued to challenge Shay in her weight loss journey. And my family and I love Subway when we want to "eat out," I love it because I can feed my family something healthy for less and my kids love it because they get to pick what they put on their sandwich. Its a win win!

Congrats to our Sista of the Week @Rachel_L. I can not express how excited I am for her. She was one of our last Mamavation Moms and she has really blossomed. You are such an inspiration.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I feel good! nana-nana-nana- na

So Good!

Ok enough of my silly attempts at singing. But really I had a GREAT week. It wasn't a perfect week, but I am very pleased with it anyway. I am out of my funk and back into my positive attitude mode. I was exhausted yesterday from the heat so I took a day to relax, but other wise I worked out every day last week. 7 days in a row, that is the first time I have EVER done that. I am happy I did too.

I did pretty good with my eating, but I will admit that I am not keeping track, just mentally trying to make good choices and really determine my hunger gauge. I haven't listened to it in a long time so it is hard to get back into the right groove with my body. Saturday I struggled a little because we had a family reunion and lots of good potluck food, but I think I made good choices just too much, lol. I am drinking more water and seeing how my body craves and needs it. I really feel it on the days I don't get enough. I will get a migraine at bedtime if I haven't had much water, so that is good motivation to drink up. I still struggle with water but I am seeing how it helps me eat less and avoid the headaches so I push through and drink as if it is an exercise I need to do. I am really excited that Flatout Bread is sponsering our blog carnival this week. I have heard several of the Mamavation Mom's talk about it but I haven't seen it in my area yet. I am going to start looking harder. I have been checking out their products on the website and I can definitely see these fitting into my family meals.

I am so excited I am going to sign up to walk/run (mostly walk since I have really started training) a 5k on the 4th of July. After hearing @bookieboo and @Mizfitonline talk about their plans to run a marathon I thought, "I don't know about the running part, but I am up for walking." And I figure walking is better than sitting and it is all about baby steps. This is my first babystep toward running a 5 k. I hope to jog in spurts but because of the anticipated heat and my lack of training I will walk most of the event. I am absolutely ok with that since I have NEVER done anything like this. I hope some of you are considering working toward a similar goal. I think it is great to put yourself out there and try something out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised to find you do great.

So officially how did my week go. well I gained a pound. But I am not too worried about it, surprised is more like it. I can see the changes in my body, my stomach is getting flatter and I feel stronger, so what the scale says right now doesn't bother me. I said a few weeks ago I wasn't going to weigh in and this is precisely why.

I am excited for tonights Mamavation TV. To congratulate CJ for being Sista of the Week and to hear Matthew Taub. We will miss Leah but I am sure she has put us in good hands for the night, she definitely deserves a break. Congrats to Kia on the birth of her sweet baby boy too, he looks like a sweetie. I look forward to "seeing" everyone there.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Southwest Tuna Salad

Sounds like a great potluck, summer get together meal.

2-6 oz can of Tuna, drained and chunked (I prefer the light not albacore for less mercury)
10 oz lettuce washed and torn (grab a bag of your fav blend)
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 pk (10 oz) frozen corn kernals, thawed
8 oz low fat ranch dressing (I am thinking this can be cut back to 4-6 oz)
1 jar (16 oz) salsa (or get the fresh from the produce section)
1 1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese (find low fat or cut back to maybe 1 c)

In a large bowl (a trifle bowl will make a pretty presentation) layer half the lettuce, tuna, beans, corn and ranch dressing, repeat layers. Top with salsa sprinkle w/ cheese. Cover and chill 1-2 hours before serving. (recipe says serves 6)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Veggie Chicken Enchiladas

So I have a bunch of zucchini coming in from my mom's great garden. I was searching for a recipe to try that I could kind of hide it in for my kids. they aren't big on trying new stuff, but usually love it once they do. Like this recipe. They love enchiladas and burritos so I thought they would be willing to give this a go and they loved it. This recipe came from a cookbook I picked up sometime when I lived in CA.

1 large onion, chopped
1 med bell pepper chopped ( I used an orange one)
1 large zucchini, chopped (I julienne cut mine)
1 cup chopped cooked chicken breast
1 1/2 c red enchilada sauce
1 8 oz can of no salt tomato sauce
8 corn tortillas
2/3 c shredded lowfat Monterey jack cheese

Preheat oven to 375.
Spray nonstick skillet w/ cooking spray. Add onion and cook 5 min over Med heat. Add pepper and zucchini and cook 5 more min. Stir in chicken, set aside. in a small bowl combine enchilada sauce and tomato sauce. Soften tortillas in the microwave or on a warm skillet. Dip tortillas in sauce then place 2 tablespoons of mixture on one side. Roll up and place in 9x13 baking pan. Repeat w/ all tortillas. Pour remaining sauce over rolls. cover loosely w/ foil and back 20-25 min. remove cover and sprinkle w/ cheese, bake 5 more min to melt cheese.

Nutritional info Cal 305, Carb 43, Protein 21g, Total Fat 7 g, Dietary fiber 7 g.

A couple changes I made where. 1) I didn't have red enchilada sauce so I used green and cut out the tomato sauce too. 2) I used flour tortillas because that is what we buy, not a fan of corn ones.

Let me know if you try it and like it. I am sure this could easily be sans meat all together just cook more veggies. Great stuff.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Repost Monday June 7, 2010

I had a HUGE Ah-HA moment last night. I was reading Shay Sorrells' blog (you know Shay from BL and the Subway challenge) and came across a post about Motivation and it just really struck home for me. I printed it off because it is full of great quotes and sayings. I really needed this after a couple of lousy, unmotivated weeks. So I picked my sorry, full of self pity self up, dusted myself off and walked. No one is gonna make me do it but ME. I have always been one to say, just motivate me, push me out the door and I will do anything with you, but don't expect me to push you out the door. Well no one is here pushing me out the door, I HAVE to push myself. I am taking Shay's advice and I am going take that list of great quotes and post them around where I will see them. To remind myself that I am worth the effort and the effort is worth the end results.

It would have been nice to have that AH-HA moment last Monday or Tuesday, but I will take it no matter when it comes. I had a pretty grumpy week last week. My great Aunt Flo came to visit and she is never very pleasant. You know the worst part of it all, I KNOW I am grumpy and no matter how hard I try to fight it off I can't. So I had to do some apologizing to my kids and neighbor (thank goodness she totally gets me). I promised her I would only be that way once a month, lol.

I didn't do much in the work out department last week. I think 2 days of walking and of course some gardening and lawn mowing, which I honestly think is the most intense workout I get each week, 45 min of push mowing in 90+ degree weather. I was good on eating, except for one day when I was a fiend for the food, I think I posted on twitter, I was eating and I wasn't even hungry, darn hormones. But I am proud to say that even w/ a few crappy weeks (2 of which I didn't even face the scale) I decided to step on this morning and found that I am DOWN A POUND!! (That make 5 total lost since my start)

Which lead to another AH-HA moment this morning, if I can lose a pound by just eating better/smarter, imagine what I can do if I actually work out every day too. Which is why I really want to get the EA Active More Workout game for the Wii. I love having a variety of ways to get my Move on, sometimes a dvd or a Wii game, sometimes outside doing stuff. So hopefully (if my power doesn't go out from a storm again this week and my mic works) you will see me on Mamavation TV tonight. :) I want that game.

Congrats to to Morgan @mommymomo for being the Sista of the Week! I haven't had a chance to get to know you much but I hope to in the near future.

So my goals for this week

1) Keep up the good eating habits, they are starting to stick. I am even drinking my 2nd (gasp) glass of water today. That is huce considering it is only noon. Eating smart is getting easier too now that my mom's garden is in full swing. Just picked 4 zuchinni and 2 cucumbers as well as a huge mess of peaches.

2) MOVE It everyday. Something. And once a week I want to push myself harder, pick a harder DVD, or walk further at the park. Slowly building from where I am comfortable and getting out of my comfort zone a bit.

3) Keep drinking water. I am probably getting 2-3 glasses a day so I need to bump it up to 4-5 a day. Which I would translate to about 50 oz (guessing 10 a glass). My mini water goal is to be at 85 oz a day, hopefull I will be there in another week or 2.

4) Last is to STEP away from the computer more. I love chatting w/ you all and other online friends but it sucks me in and then I am just sitting here, not doing what I need to be doing. So I am gonna power down during the day so I am not tempted to check in here and there. It will be good for me and good for my kids. If ya need me or wanna check in on me message me on FB, twitter, here or shoot me an email.

I hope you all have a GREAT week!!