Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Dec 6th

AHHHH Less than 20 days til Christmas. That always stresses me out a bit. I am pretty close to being done w/ my shopping but I haven't even started wrapping yet. And I always worry that I have missed an important gift for one of the girls or got more for one than another, no matter how hard I try to keep track of it all. It always works out fine but I stress about it anyway.

Stress during the holiday season is so common. I am excited to hear from our guest tonight and learn more about yoga. I have never quite gotten the hang of it all but I can totally see the benefits and how it could be good for my whole family. Life has been pretty stressful for us all this year and I think finding an activity like yoga that we can all do might be just what we need. And since it is so cold outside right now, finding something we can do inside is also a plus. Thank you Christine Ristuccia for being our guest on MvTV tonight. She has created Learn With Yoga and some ABC of Yoga cards that even the kids can do and enjoy. Yoga is supposed to be a great for your body and your mind.

Congrats again to Shelley and Rachel for finishing up their time as Mv Mom's you both really kicked some tail and I was so impressed by your before and after pics that I am considering another go at it. We will see, not committing fully but I know I need to decide quickly if I am going to do it.

Congrats also to Megan (@mnmspecial) for being chosen as our Sista of the Week.

Thank you to Earth footwear for your constant love and support for mv.


Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

Ahhh - I stress about the same thing Julie! What on earth do you get DD#2 or #3 that they don't already have as a hand me down from #1?

Have a great week!

Rachel said...

I totally get you with the whole stress of the holidays. We shouldn't get stressed... but it is common. :sigh: I think (for me atleast) we all want to have a perfect CHristmas... but life gets in the way of our 'vision. LOL

Thanks for the congrats re: MM.

If you have any questions about the process, I would love to help you out - or even if you decide not to apply, I would love to help you with your journey! :)

Happy Santa Claus day! :)

Hugs Rach

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on the stress factor... One thing we started though (and it works well for us - so far)

on the years that the boys are with us for Christmas day, Santa brings 1 big item for each of the boys. The remainder of the presents are things that they NEED. They almost always get new jammies and/ or shoes. That way the youngest doesn't only get handme downs but has something new for himself. There's usually a new movie or game under the tree for each of them - and those are great because they share but each open something different.

On the years that they are with their dad for Christmas day, Santa doesn't visit. We do small gifts - usually "travel games" and that is the year we all go skiing with my parents.

Once everything is wrapped, I do a 'double' check to ensure fairness... wouldn't want anyone's feelings to get hurt :)

Good luck this week! and thanks for following my journey as a MM. If you decide to move forward, you have my support! Feel free to let me know if you hae any questions. I'm here for you!

kia said...

Try not to stress. It is easy for me to say, my kiddo is not even a year. I hope the holidays are being kind so far to you Julie.

Owen's Mom said...

I haven't started wrapping yet either! Maybe after Mamavation tonight?

I have dabbled with Yoga, too. But can't wait to hear how to get the kiddos involved. I hope you have a stress free week, and I look forward to chatting with you tonight.

elenka29 said...

May I suggest Candlelight Yoga (I watch it on Netflix). Totally for beginners and all about unstressing.

Erin Patrick said...

Stress is crazy this time of year!
I also have never gotten into the whole yoga thing, but I would love to! Hopefully we can learn and get motivated tonight.

MNMSpecial said...

Do you think if they moved Christmas to summer that it would be as stressful? I think it would be awesome to see you in a mamavation mom roll. Just sayin :) Good luck with your decision.