Monday, August 30, 2010

I need a Monday

I have to admit I have been lazy this week. Maybe I was taking a mini staycation I don't know but I slacked this week and I have been paying for it ever since. Here was the problem. I needed to go to the grocery store but 1 wasn't feeling it and 2 I have a little girl I babysit so getting to the store isn't as easy on those days. (There I did it I made my excuses). We were out of veggies (that is a good problem to have) and I didn't get to the store to get them, so we didn't eat very well this week. I ordered pizza one day and we ate that for leftovers the next day and we had a hectic weekend. I am proud to say that even though I wasn't making good food choices I didn't over eat. But needless to say I am paying for it today. I FEEL LIKE CRAP. I feel heavy and tired and sluggish and YUCKY! Oh and I forgot to mention the zit factor. I face is broke out today, I know it is the bad food trying to get out of my system

And my Gruve is mad at me too. I forgot it on Friday, then Sat I forgot it about half the day, and Sunday I spend so much time in church I don't get a green. So I haven't had a green day in 3 days. I think this is also contributing to my generally yucky feeling.

But it was a good learning lesson. I think I needed it because with my success in weight loss the last few weeks I felt like it was ok to slack off, but I am paying for it dearly now. I haven't wanted to work out so bad in my life. because I know moving is gonna help me shake off this yucky feeling. And I went grocery shopping this weekend and got some veggies again so this week will get on track.

I am also taking a break from the scale. I loved the mv campaign and the move it and lose it challenge but I don't want to become so obsessed with the numbers and I was getting to that point. I love to get a shout out but I think for now I will just weigh in maybe every other week, or when the urge strikes instead of every week. I am going to focus on healthy eating and being as active as possible. Its been working and I know it will continue to work even if I am not checking my weight every week.

I think I need to win this weeks blogging carnival after the week I had. This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by a protein and detox product. I have tried a few detox kits before but never could tell much difference. Some people swear by them so maybe I just didn't get the right thing. Plus I am notoriously terrible at remembering to do something every day for weeks on end, so remembering to take a bunch of pills is not my thing. Since these are shakes maybe I can actually pull this one off. LOL

So tell me what you like to do when you feel stuck in a fitness rut or not in the mood to cook or go grocery shopping. Maybe with some good tips I won't have another week like I did last week. :)

Congrats to Janice @fitcheerldr I just love her. I have been doing her Walk and Tone workout and I LOVE it! Watch for my review and giveaway soon. ;) ;)

Congrats again to Lisa and Jenny I loved watching you get tortured these last few weeks. HAHAHA No seriously I am extremely proud of you 2 and so happy to have had a chance to watch you transform. I look forward to following the rest of your journey!


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You know we all have off weeks. It sounds like you are on the right track to get back in line. Don't beat yourself up just ease back into exercise and eating right. Make this journey enjoyable.

Kimberly said...

I have been thinking lately of not putting so much into the scale, but to start going by measurements and the feel of my clothes. Get that Gruve on and get it green today! I have forgotten mine a couple times too. Once I was so proud cause of all the activity I had gotten, reched down to check my color and it wasnt there! Ack!

Have a great week Julie!!

jamnsfld76 said...

Kim that is exactly what happened to me Fri. Did my Walk and Tone workout and realized Ididn't have my Gruve on. But it was already 3 oclock so I just called it a loss. :(

~Lori~ said...

Taking a break from the scale can be good sometimes. Just remember your path...take it one day at a time and you can rock this!

Cynthia Pasquella said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Kim and for the shout out to SoCal Cleanse! We are a VERY different type of detox as you may have read on our website. I look forward to getting to know you better!

I would suggest that you mix it up and try something you've never tried before to spice up your meals. It's SO easy to get bored eating the same foods all the time. Every week when you go to the grocery store, pick up a new food you've never eaten, heard of, or even seen before. Bring it home, look online for ways to cook it and healthy recipes to incorporate it and then eat up! You'll have some "what the *$^@# is this?" moments as well as some "this is delicious!" moments but it keeps your meals exciting and keeps you having fun with your food! ;)

Stephanie said...

It's ok to stumble into the bad eating. In a sense, it's almost a good thing because that horrible bloaty, sluggish, poopy feeling you get after reminds you why you don't want to eat those foods anymore and how good you feel when you eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

bookieboo said...

Unfortunately if you are trying to lose weight, you need to pay attention to the scale. OR at least have a food journal. Are you keeping one? If you don't want to weigh in every week, at least do it every other week so you know if you are on the right track or not. It's not a requirement for the Sistahood, but it is a very wise thing to continue to do if you want results. The stress you are feeling is accountability and that is important to losing weight.

gretablau said...

It's great that you have such a strong urge to work out! you know that it will make you feel better and that's a great motivator. I have bad weeks too, we all do. I guess the only thing I have been able to do is just do it. There doesn't seem to be any magic way to get back other than to just do it and remember how good it makes you feel.

Lisa Johnston said...

Haaha, I like what Cynthia said :)

You know, I want to take a break from the scale, too, but I can't.

I'm glad that you're admitting to a bad weekend. Now, you can stand up, brush it off, and move on to the next thing in life!

I love ya Jules!

I'll have to let Cynthia know you're name! Here we go with the names again! :) HAHA LOVE! :)


Ivette said...

I'd have to admit it's easy to slack off when you've done well because you think it won't hurt.

But in the long run it does add up! Plus for me, it's like I'm using food as a reward and that's the wrong thing to do.

Congrats on realizing it wasn't a good week - now you can move on to having a great week!

Joanna said...

Good for you for not overeating even with your not so great food choices. It's the small victories that help win the battles!

I'm super ready with the excuses a lot too, and when I am still trying to figure out what to do when I'm in a fitness rut. I really like to hard and heavy workouts, but I also need to do the smaller ones, the ones that are much harder to excuse away by being tired or too busy.

We're in this together! Taking a scale break sounds like it might be a good idea. I don't know, because I've never not been on a scale break LOL - just like you on the not doing something every day for weeks thing.

Good luck this week, and I'm looking forward to tweeting with you!


Anonymous said...

hope you have a better week next week i know i lost 3 lbs after not checking my weight then i let my diet and exercise slack and now im back up so frustrating but things will get better for you

have a great week

motivation treat


@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Those are all my TOM symptoms. I started noticing a pattern. So, I identify it and wait for the next week and move on! rofl.... Good luck this week.