Monday, September 20, 2010

Where's the wagon? Monday Sept 20

I feel like I can't keep up with the wagon these days. I won't say I fell off but maybe it is dragging me behind it. I am trying to keep up but life has been busy and overwhelming. Doing home daycare is NOT conducive to a workout schedule. or at least it isn't for me. By the time the girls go home and my girls get home from school it is homework, dinner, baths and bedtime. And when that is over I am wiped out. I can't seem to find time in the day to get a workout in. I have a treadmill in the garage but w/ these littler kids in the house I can't get out there to use it. Without my gym time I have been less motivated to make healthier meals. I just feel like I am getting swallowed up in the day to day stuff around here.

I am excited though that my sister joined the gym I am a member of. She really needs it, she is very over weight and has trouble w/ swelling in her feet because of her extra weight. I can't wait to help her get to the gym and start shedding some of the weight that is making her miserable. I am working on her about her food choices too, slowly we will get her off soda and junk food and get her incorporating more fresh healthy choices.

She even said the other day that she thought about going to Subway for breakfast after her workout. Which is great since it is right next to the gym and they offer so many great (and healthy choices.) I am so excited that Subway is sponsoring this week's blogging carnival. AND they are taking , @ljenator and @Rachel_L to New York to help Jared train for a Marathon. Subway has supported m in different ways and I am so happy these ladies are getting this opprotunity. Follow the hashtags #commit2fit on twitter to hear all about what is going on. They will go to Central park to run on Tuesday.

Congrats to @PamelaMKramer for being sista of the week. I have been a terrible sista this week and barely been on twitter. But Pamela is always willing to support the sistas with encouragement. You rock!!

My goals this week is find ways to get in bits of exercise through the day. I know my body needs this and it helps my stress levels.

Get back to planning meals so I can make healthier choices. I have been doing last minute cooking which leads to less desireable food choices. When I plan my menu I do so much better because I don't have to think about what to make each day.

keep drinking plenty of water, I have been doing pretty good but can always do better.

I hope this week will be better than last, and I hope you have a great week too!!


The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

I have no idea about the set up of your house, but could you maybe clear out a play area in the garage/basement where the treadmill is?

Maybe plan an activity for them while you run on the treadmill for a 1/2 hour?

Hope you get it worked out soon. Exercise can make us feel SO much better. Or I know that in my area the local church gyms are super cheap and offer childcare services for up to 2 hours a day!

Have a great week!

Home Daycare said...
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Home Daycare said...

Do you get a chance to take the kids out? I try to get my daycare kiddies out as much as possible, its great for them, and for me! When I first started I gained so much weight lol... I swear every time I feed the kids I was eating too. :)

Marie said...

I can;t remember how old the daycare kids are, but how about looking into a family fitness or family dance or family yoga DVD for all of you to do together? When my kid were younger we would have dance parties in the living room with jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, we would practice crab walks, I would do a bridge position and they would arm crawl under me or we would set up an obstacle course in the house or yard. It was fun for them and I felt like I was doing something. Have a great week!!

gretablau said...

Wow!! Sounds busy!! I wonder if you can schedule time in between all of that stuff or maybe in the morning? How much time do you have between when kids get picked up and your kids get home?

Does the gym have daycare?

Good luck this week!!

kia said...

Julie don't let your new schedule be an excuse to spiral downwards. You can control what happens in the kitchen even if you can't get to your regular workouts. You are still the kind of example that people like your sister are looking towards. Have a great week and I hope your schedule allows some self-care time for you.

Anonymous said...

thats awesome now youll have a support partner with your sister have a great week


Anonymous said...

sometimes it feels like we are in a downward spiral but I often find that one good choice leads to others. So exciting to have your sister involved on the path to healthier living! It's good to be able to have people in RL to support and hold you accountable! Good luck on your goals!

Stephanie said...

You can do this Julie. Don't let your eating slide with the busyness of your day. You and your sister can be accountable to one another. As you get used to your "new normal" you'll find your rhythm. Eating good clean foods will do wonders to energize you to get that workout in, even if it is at the end of your day.

The Simple Jocabell Life said...

You can get through this Julie! I am also trying to find a balance. It can be hard with all the kiddos, but you can do this. If you can't get the treadmill in the house, just walk around the house and make it into some type of game for the kids. If you have to hold one of the kids for awhile, instead of sitting try standing and doing squats. Get creative!!

You can do this!!

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Don't forget that those little people need physical activity too! Think of yourself as a PE coach and see if you can't get some outdoor activity going with these kids in the backyard or something. Just a thought! Good luck this week.