Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 27 Monday

Gotta make it quick this week. I've got a little one sick w/ a tummy bug.

I am still struggling to get a routine w/ the daycare kids. They are 2 2yos and one has a broken arm, so we can't do much recreation out side right now. I think I am going to just start paying for them to all go to the daycare room at my gym, that just gets expensive w/ 3 going at one time. But I need to get back to moving.

Eating has been a bit of a struggle and it is my fault for not planning. We have just been so busy in the evenings. So I need to really consider that when planning meals and I need to make my crockpot do the work. It hasnt' been terrible but I definitely can see where it could be better.

I am so excited for Pete Cohen to be joining us again tonight. He has so many good things to say that I can never get enough of him. I am definitely in need of some new inspiration and motivation so I hope this weeks M TV is just the kick in the pants I need.

Good luck to all the m applicants this round. I would love to apply again, but I can already see that I won't beable to give my full focus on the campaign. I am excited to support you all through this campaign. Good luck everyone!!

Congrats to our Sista of the week Joanna of @way2gomom!! She has jumped right into her roll in the sistahood clearing up food myths and setting us straight about food. I enjoy having twitter convo's with her and she always has something encouraging to say.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I hope next week I can report back w/ more time and w/ a renewed commitment to getting fit. (Now if I could only find about 4 more hours in each day. lol)


~Lori~ said...

I hope everyone in your house gets well soon and I hope you dont catch it!

Good luck this week!

Anonymous said...

So. Here's my childcare at the gym story. I have met a woman at my gym who has 4 kids under the age of 5. She signs her kids in every morning for the allowable 1.5 hours. And? She never works out. She's too exhausted! So while they're in there she drinks a hot cup of coffee or a smoothie at the juice bar. She reads the paper. Uses the wifi to catch up on email. And then . . . she takes a shower.

I think it's freaking brilliant. 7 days of all those kids, but a hot shower all alone? Totally worth the cost of the gym membership.

My point is, sometimes the expense is well worth it. If it gets you moving, well, then it's a good investment, no?

Have a great week.

Rachel said...

Hugs... sickness is no fun!! Praying for healing and that it won't spread to the rest of the family!! xoxo

Regarding eating - girl, you are speaking my language!! I too struggle with it. Planning TOTALLY helps - but wouldn't it just be easier if the HEALTHY food were FREE and we had a personal chef to prepare and serve it to us? :P

Only in our dreams, right?

If you need some feedback on ways to get moving throughout your already BUSY day, let me know! I would love to bounce ideas off with you... and help hold you accountable/motivate you! :)


Rachel @RachelSteffen

Lisa Johnston said...

Oh hugs Julie!!

I'm sorry you can't seem to get a break!!!!

You know, taking the kiddos to the gym might be a good idea, but just remember to get permission from the parents to allow someone else to watch them for a bit!

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

You're doing a GREAT JOB! I agree to let the crock pot do the work for you! I need to take that advice.

Wait... I lost my crock in the move.. shoot!!


Marie said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Yuo cannot seem to catch a break. Hang in there. Definitely use the crock pot. It has saved my life and pocket book on more than one occasion.

Stephanie said...

Oh crock pot meals are the best! So many times I have thrown something in there and then dinner! Best investment.
I say go for the gym daycare. At least say you tried it and if it doesn't work out, then try something different.

gretablau said...

Two TWO YEAR OLDS? EEK. I couldn't even hand one. Hope your little bug feels better soon and you get moving! Mrs FatAss....hilarious and brilliant!!!

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

Ha ha Mrs Fatass - that's a great idea - i may need to keep that in mind...

Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

{HUGS} Julie!

I also hope that your little one's tummy troubles are resolved quickly. It's hard to find a routine that works but I have faith that you will find a way! Good luck this week!

I hope you found great motivation from Pete last night... I know I did!

Kimberly said...

I'm a day late, but I hope everyone is feeling better today! Our gym doesnt offer child care, I would love that.

bookieboo said...

XXOO Hope everyone gets better soon!

kia said...

Have a great week yourself. I hope you figure out solutions soon to get that you time while caring for all the kiddos (including ones that are not your own.)

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Maybe try another gym like the YMCA. They don't charge extra for the little ones. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

those kids are lucky to have you care for them, maybe sometime during theday there can be game time or some playtime where you all get phsyical activity. or take a group walk around the block or the yard