Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cleaning to save money and the enviornment!

All those chemicals, they can't be good for us or the enviornment. Plus they cost so much money. Why spend so much money on cleaning supplies when you can use a few basic things and clean your whole house. So what do you need?

Baking soda, Washing soda (also called soda ash or sodium carbonate) vinegar and Borax. I promise you can clean your whole house with those 4 things.

Lets start in the kitchen. Washing dishes in the dishwasher, mix equal parts of baking soda and borax, add 1 Tbls of the mixture to the machine. Put vinegar in the rinse-aid compartment and start 'er up!

Use that same Washing soda and Borax mixture (or use baking soda--Washing soda can be found in the laundry detergent isle) to wash your laundry, 2 Tbls will do the trick. Vinegar makes a great fabric softener. Add it to your downy ball or the fabric softener dispenser of your washing machine. I promise your clothes won't smell like vinegar when they are finished.

Now for the hard stuff. Got soap scum in your bathtub. I have found that the easiest way to get rid of it is to pull on some rubber gloves (my skin is super sensitve) pour a handful of Borax in one hand and rub it all over the tub. The powder does the scrubbing, you are just pushing the stuff around and you can feel where you have or havent been (even w/ the gloves on). When you are finished rinse it all out and spray w/ vinegar to get rid of any water spots. Do the same for any sinks and vinegar is great for shining up the faucets and cleaning mirrors. A spray bottle of vinegar and water also make a great substitute for that daily shower spray.

Back to the kitchen, sprinkle baking soda in the sink and add a little dish soap (like seventh generation) and scrub that around your sink, counter top or stove top to get rid of and greasy grimy buildup. Baking soda followed by a rinse of vinegar will help keep your drains from getting stinky and are also good at breaking up the burnt on food in your oven.

Now to the floors. Want to freshen up your carpet? Sprinkle on baking soda, let it set for a few minutes and then vacuum up, soon the room will be fresh and clean. To mop I swear by adding a cup or so of vinegar to a bucket of hot water, nothing cleans a floor better, and did you know vinegar will kill germs, so feel free to use vinegar and water to wipe down your counter tops and cutting boards.

I guess the only thing left (that I can think of as I write, I am sure I will think of more later) is dusting. Add 1 tsp olive oil to 1/2 c vinegar. Mix in a small bowl and then apply w/ a soft cloth.

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