Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MMMMM, the Pie

So I actually made the pie and even though I didn't think to get pics of the girls helping me stir it up, I did take a pic of the final product (and a few drips from the cooking process--oops).

So the recipe is the in the previous post, but let me give a few tips, all of these came from the recipe review on allrecipes.com. After cooking the pudding I cooled it in a water bath in the sink for a few minutes, just until it was warm to the touch. Stir all the time to avoid that film that can develop on cooked pudding. After pouring the pudding into the pie shell, I put a piece of saran wrap on the surface of the also to avoid that skin. After it cooled in the fridge I pulled the plastic off and took the pic, and it looks soft, creamy and beautiful. We sampled the spoon when we were done and it is definitely yummy.

Just incase you haven't see the recipe yet. Here is a pic of the ingredients (Pioneer Woman style--gotta love her blog).

Maybe you are wondering what else have we done today. Well the girls decided (after helping me put ice water in the sink to cool the pudding) to see how fast ice would melt. So we did a little experiment. We put one piece of ice on a plate outside and kept one piece on an identical plate inside. While those pieces of ice sat, in a boring old plate, the girls took other pieces of ice and drew on the sidewalk, an activity that is much more fun when it is really hot outside, not so much today. The outside ice melted in 24 minutes while the inside ice was eaten when the outside ice was brought back in. Haha! so much for scientific, LOL, but we did figure it would have taken the inside ice at least an hour to melt since it was still pretty big and only had a small puddle around it.

So now you know what we have been up to. Exciting or not, that is our day. :) I spared you the details of our grocery shopping trip, be thankful for that. :-D


Melanie said...

Pioneer woman style is great, lol. The pie looks delicious, Jules! I believe you've convinced me to make one with my kids.

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Stitchblade said...

This looks SO GOOD!