Monday, March 9, 2009

My poor baby and those darn escalators

Last night we were out and decided to go to Barnes and Noble to use a gift card I have been hogging since before Christmas. I was really hoping to buy myself some books, but well you how it is when your a mother, the kids always end up coming first.

So anyway, we head into B&N and of course someone has to find the potty, which is upstairs (conveniently w/ the kids books). We decide to take the escalator up, even though the girls are all a little scared of them. "1, 2,3 step" and B. steps out but the others stand still (like normal) so I hop on behind B and dad gets the other girls on. First G then S, while he is getting S on, G (she is only 2) loses her balance or tries to step down and takes a header down the escalator steps. The best we could tell she fell 4-5 steps, those hard and very sharp steps w/ the grooves. After I turn to see what happened, I turn back to see R. climbing further ahead of me, which wouldn't have been a big deal except she was reaching out with her hands for the next step. Instinctively, I start to panic and imagine her little fingers getting stuck and I start hollering for her to stand up. UGH, panic mode kicked in, but she stood up and got her hands out of the way just as she reached the top step. My heart almost stopped. So, poor G. is scraped up from head to foot, front to back. She really did a number. Poor dad, feels like a big jerk, scoops her up and takes her straight to the bathroom to look her over. I can hear her in there, "I want mama!" and feel helpless, because the other 2 have headed into the girls bathroom for the potty break that brought us upstairs to begin with. So I follow them in, all the while wanting to hold my baby.

By the time we get out, dad and G are checking out the books and doing just fine. G has a big scrape on the side of her face and lots of bruises this morning, but I think she will survive. But if you are wondering, we took the elevator back down and I spent all but $3 of my gift card on the girls. Next time I am going to B&N by myself.

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Lisa J said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! hugs all around! I'm so sorry!!!!!!!