Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Craft ideas for kids

I love Michael's for craft ideas and projects. Occasionally we head in and do a craft in the store, usually it cost $5 for the kit, but you get to leave the mess there which is a plus. Rarely they have free projects and demos as well for the kids, but I haven't seen these much lately. I was just looking to see if they had anything planned for this weekend and instead found these projects to do at home. I haven't looked at them all yet, but I did find this one that is really cute and very cheap to make. Butterflies and Dragonflies!!! We are going to modify them and glue the wings to popsicle sticks instead. We probably won't get them done until tomorrow, so I will get some action shots then. Here is the link.

I am also a huge fan of the Lowe's Build and Grow program. On the 28th I am going to send DJ out w/ the girls to build Yard Mobiles. I figure he is going to need something to keep them busy that weekend, I will be away at a women's retreat. YAY ME!! But the girls love to get out their aprons and eye protection, grab a hammer and build these cute kits. So that will be a great project for them to do together (and a good time for dad to see what I do when I have to take all 3 of them by myself).

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