Monday, May 17, 2010

Mamavation Monday Week 3 for me!!

Ok I really don't know why I put the exclamation point in the title because it hasn't been an exclamation point kind of week, but I am a positive thinker so I am still excited about my Mamavation Monday post.

First lets back track a min. I want to post a couple of before pics. Well almost before I have lost a little but I toke these pics this week and want to post them as my reminder when I get skinny. :D

So where it went wrong this week. I was in a blah mood and just not feeling like exercise much. I did go on a hike with my sister on Saturday but otherwise I didn't do much.

What I did right or pretty good at least. I did keep up with my water (for the most part) I didn't keep track too well this weekend but I was drinking some so I think I did alright. Every week I am trying to up my goal for water instead of saying I am going to start out w/ 6-8 glasses a day I started with 2-3. I am just not a water drinker. So this week my goal is to get 4-5 glasses a day or about 50 oz a day. Eventually I would like to get to about 85 oz a day (1/2 of my starting weight which was 170 lbs). I also did pretty reasonable with watching what I ate. I do think I need to keep a journal of what I eat, but right now that seems too time consuming and I am trying to focus my extra energy on getting my water and getting exercise in.

I will also say that I did see the water helping again this week. I don't feel the urge to snack as much through the day as before. I still eat 4-5 small meals (try to keep them between 200 and 300 cal each)but I am not munching on crackers or other stuff in between as much. I just keep reminding my self this is a life change process so all these baby steps will count toward a much bigger picture.

While I am cutting back on snacks I am really pushing my kids to do the same, we are a house full of snackers. Right now it isn't an issue for my girls their weights are perfectly fine and they are very active, but I was skinny as a kid too so I figure if I help set a healthy example now hopefully they won't fall into the same traps that I have as an adult.

The results for this week are I didn't gain but I didn't lose. I guess that is ok considering I really wasn't very active. But I am not giving up. This week will be better. :)

So my goals for this week.

Get my exercise in. 3-4 day a week. PERIOD!! Nothing will stop me.

Drink 4-5 glasses or around 50 oz of water each day. Baby steps.

Encourage my sister to get started too. We are trying to get in a routine of walking a few times a week. So hopefully we can really start kicking that into gear.

Want to more about what these Mamavation Monday posts are about check out Mamavation. I am excited that Mamavation is starting an OpenSky shop. Who doesn't love to shop and right now it is planned for the proceeds to go to charity or someone in need. I can't wait to hear more about the plans.

Have a great week everyone, I can't wait to report back next week with a much better week.


~Lori~ said... are doing great. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. baby steps. Slow and steady wins the race. Put the bad days behind you and concentrate on today! HUGS!

YouthfulTips said...

I really need to drink more water too. I'm so bad about it. I removed Coke and now I'm hooked on Crystal Light and I do believe what they say that the artificial sugars do make you more hungry. Oh well!

Keep up the good work!

bookieboo said...

Try squeezing a little bit of lemon or lime in your water. Makes it easier to drink and gives your metabolism a boost. ;)

kia said...

You are a serious influencer even if your sister doesn't get on board with what you are doing, you are putting what you are doing out there and that is great. Good luck on the water and all your goals this week. Baby steps are the key.

The Maniacal Matron said...

Baby steps are the key! Add a new habit every week or as often as you can handle.

We are in this for lifetime habit changes!!

Best of luck you are doing an awesome job!