Monday, May 31, 2010

Mamavation Monday Week 5

I had a much better week this week. But I will be honest I haven't stepped on the scale. Maybe its so I don't have to face the numbers, but I really just don't care about the number so much. I do WANT to lose and NEED to lose about 40 lbs (officially more, but at 130 I felt healthy when I was smaller I was sick a lot) but right now I am just really trying to focus on healthy living, in hopes that it will result in the changes I desire. I will check the scale peridocially and I plan to post my weight most weeks, but this week I didn't get on the scale early this morning as I prefer to do.

So how was this week better, first off my water intake was so-so, on the good days I did great and then days like yesterday I feel back into my old habit of nursing one glass of lemonade all day (I told you I was like a camel). Most days I did well with the water so I am happy about that.

And I was MUCH more active this week. I will admit to only doing 2 formal exercise sessions, BUT I was outside working around the yard and my parents garden a LOT. do you know how hard hoeing a garden can be, lol. And then I helped my mom paint her living room, no easy task either, and I swear we were trying to do it in record time. That was a hard day. Plus I have been enjoying the nice weather and getting out with the kids as much as possible. Having 6 kids (my 3 plus 3 I am keeping for the summer) around sure keeps me from sitting too much.

So overall I am happy with my week. Could I have done better, absolutely, it was far from a perfect week. But we are making healthier choices (minus the kit-kat the kids talked me into at the store which we shared, one stick a piece).

My goals this week.

Lots of fruits and veggies this week. We have a fridge/freezer full of strawberries from a local strawberry festival. and huge bowl of watermelon to eat. As well as some fresh from the garden lettuce and radishes (gonna try that roasted radish and onion recipe someone posted on twitter). I love this time of the year, so much fresh produce. And my parents have 2 peach trees that are about to fall over with peaches, they are small but should be ripe in a week or 2. YAY peaches. Oh and the zuchini will be big enough to start picking maybe as early as tomorrow. YUM

Keep up the water. I am learning to accept its existence, and maybe one day I will drink it out of enjoyment, but I can sure tell when I need to drink it out of necessity. Last night I had another headache before bed, and as I said above no water during the day was most likely the reason. I will learn, eventually.

STAY busy, get active, MOVE. I love my walking workouts, and even occasionally a torture session w/ Jillian or Bob, but I love even more getting my exercise while actually doing something. Mowing the lawn or working in the garden. Such a sense of accomplishment when you are done and you know that sweat was earned. Love it!!

I love Monday's now more than ever, and I am really excited for tonights MamavationTV. I have been following Pete Cohen on twitter and love his advice and I am really excited to see in live and in person in our hour tonight. Thanks for taking time out for the mamavation sistas.

Congrats to Jessica @fringies for being the Sista of the Week.

I hope you are all having a great day.


bookieboo said...

You area busy I would advise you to get a pedometer and start tracking your steps. Get to 10,000 steps and then as close to that as you can. If you are busy, that won't really be hard to do cause you will be exercising as you take care of the kids. On my crazy days, that is the best I can do. But it's something that if you get in the habit of will be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. XXOO

jamnsfld76 said...

Thank Leah, I have a pedometer that sucks, haha do you any recommendations?

Rachel said...

Definitely get the pedometer -- four miles a day (10,000 steps) will be a piece of cake for you! And, that amount of walking is nothing to laugh at.

My pedometer sucks too (the reset button is super sensitive and resets at the slightest tough); I'm researching for a better one!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of the peach tree. With regards to water, the best thing you can do is just force yourself to start drinking a ton. Because after a week or two, you will notice you will start to crave it, as your body becomes more hydrated. Suddenly it remembers it NEEDS the water. Then it becomes a lot easier to drink it after that. So...until then JUST DRINK IT!

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

WOW! You're super active - good job! Yanno, I've lost the most weight when I stopped looking at the scale, maybe it will work for you too?

~Lori~ said...

Busy bee Jules! Keep on moving girl!

kia said...

Know your priorities and if the scale is not one of them right now then say that to yourself prior to weigh-ins so that it doesn't become something that you run from. This way you can focus on your baby steps and celebrate those successes without having to punctuate them with an excuse for the scale. It sounds like you did well this week.

Momma On The Run said...

Yumm reading your post makes me really want to plant some fruit trees and veggie garden. I'm so jealous!

jamnsfld76 said...

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the feedback. Kai, I, like many have a love hate relationship w/ the scale. I need to move past that, I hate the disappointment when it isn't were I want it to be and get overly excited when it is going the way I want. I am trying not to rely on it so much. And Paige, I can tell already that my body is getting used to the water, now if I can make it a whole week getting my water in I know the next week will be easier. Baby steps. :)

Colleen said...

Definitely try to get that water in....which is sometimes hard to remember when you are so busy like you sound! Good luck on your goals this week!

Krystyna said...

I'd mail you my ped but I'd be afraid it would just mess it up more w/all the bumping in the mail. I got one for like $20 at Dick's (on sale too). It worked great until the kids got hold of it. This is the neatest thing. THANKS for posting!